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“buoyed by a framework of period-style hymns and ballads movingly sung by John Milosich.”

-San Francisco Chronicle

“There is no doubt that what Milosich does with his body and with the inarticulate sounds that the transformed Gregor is able to make carry the narrative weight of this show. Milosich’s movements capture horror, fear, sorrow, yearning and regret, and make this man-sized insect fully human to us.”

-DC Theatre Scene

“John Milosich has the job of navigating the twisted terrain, whether he’s impressively swinging from a lamp rod, or acrobatically transitioning between his bed and the door. Dressed as an insect, of course, to creepy, fascinating effect.”


“The Nightmare Dreamer” is both the name of the piece and the only identification for the main character, a slightly lame, dazed-looking dude in baggy jeans, played with open-mouthed surprise by John Milosich. This Nightmare Dreamer looks as though his hard drive is on the verge of crashing from all the grim visions he’s storing.

-Washington Post

“John Milosich as Iolo is magnificent in an unassuming way.  Without grandstanding at all, he commands attention through his every move and decision.”

-DC Theatre Scene